2017 Fair Vendors

Thank you for your interest in the 105th Annual Central Florida Fair!

2017 Fair dates have not yet been announced, but feel free to read the following information below as it contains important details you will need to know before you apply for next year.

We are currently looking to accept vendors who offer ethnic or themed cuisine.

Vendors offering the following, need not apply:

  • Pizza
  • Funnel cakes
  • Elephant ears
  • Cotton candy
  • Candy apples
  • Kettle corn
  • Roast corn
  • Hot dogs
  • Corn dogs
  • Face painting
  • Glow toys or LED toys
  • Seafood vendors
  • Mexican cuisine

At this time, we are NOT accepting new food vendors with stick joints or food trucks; only those concessionaires with trailers. Any food vendor applications with stick joints or food trucks will be automatically declined. Any applications submitted without a photo of the booth setup will also be automatically declined.

Please note that we are not a percentage-based Fair; we only charge a flat fee for space rental and additional services. You MUST include your COMPLETE front footage when applying – including your awning, hitches, etc. If you do not provide the correct footage, there may not be enough space for your concession and you will be asked to leave.

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the cost for space rental? 
    We charge $82.00 per front foot, plus any additional services required.
  • How many people attend your Fair? 
    This year, we will see an increase since it is the first time in the history of the Fair that we move to three weekends. Historically, we’ve seen approximately 200,000 guests.
  • Do you have indoor vendor space?
    No; it is reserved for student programs, exhibits, events, and activities.
  • Will my concession be placed in a high-traffic location?
    All vendors are placed solely under the discretion of Fair Management. We will make every effort to consider the setup and concession type, however, we make no guarantee that all requests will be honored.
  • Can I leave before the end of the Fair?
    No; for safety and security of your concession and those around you, NO vendors allowed to leave before the last day of the Fair. No exceptions!


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