With major changes in the pipeline, let’s start with what’s going on in our Fair Office lobby! We’ll get into what’s going on at the Fairgrounds later.

You should know by now that the Central Florida Expo Park is the home of the annual Central Florida Fair, as well as 145 other events throughout the year. This includes Earth Day Birthday, Florida Gun Shows, Funk Fest, Warped Tour and many other festivals, events, trade shows, you name it!

20150818_110726For most of our outdoor festivals and concerts, we are able to nab amazing aerial photos. Recently, we sent a photo into Co-Art Gallery for framing and we said, “Make it big.” Well, several days later, our maintenance crew goes to pick it up and brings us this colossal piece of art.

20150818_111240The photo featured in our new lobby is from Earth Day Birthday and just a fraction of the fun we have at the fairgrounds. There is more in store for your local event venue, so stay tuned, neighbors!